After Scala

Boeucc, the typical milanese restaurant in Milan city center, has always been synonymous of "after Scala". In fact, only few steps separate us from the famous Opera Theater. When performances and concerts ends, are many indeed those who choose to end the evening with us, to share the emotions experienced.

From Alla Scala Theater, if you like, you can reach the historic milanese Restaurant Boeucc in Piazza Belgioioso by feet, walk only along Via Manzoni, one of the most beautiful streets of the historic center of Milan, for few hundred meters. This typical milanese restaurant is located in the spectacular setting of the aristocratic milanese scene, in front of the magnificent residence that once belonged to Alessandro Manzoni. Another detail that unites us to the theater "Alla Scala" is the architect: Piermarini, who designed both, the Theater and Palazzo Belgioioso.

To its customers, Boeucc, typical milanese restaurant in downtown Milan, offers a relaxing environment, where politeness and service quality are excellent and where the soft lighting create the right atmosphere that leaves space for the mind to experience the impressive echo from the Orchestra's instruments, or still able to see the lightness of bodies dancing in unison on stage.

In the evening, the kitchen of the old milanese restaurant, receives orders until 22.30. 

However, you can agree on demands to go further the usual opening hour.

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